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    The “Seed of Life” is an ancient universal symbol of the cosmic order.

    The pattern is made of seven interlocking circles that represent the seven days of creation.

    Wear this beautifully mystical symbol and connect yourself with the cosmic order.

    The delicate but extremely durable satin cord is adjustable in size.

    The brushed 925 silver elements are handcrafted in India with highest ethical standards. The bracelet is completed in Sylvie Eder's studio in Munich. A "Good Karma" jewel from start to finish.




    In the Zen school of Buddhism the circle is a sacred symbol.

    It represents the oneness of life. Everything is connected.

    There is no beginning and no end.

    The circle is a manifestation of the moment

    You will love this bracelet because it’s so simple and plain- a puristic “Understatement-Piece” made of 925 Silver and goldplated. You can easily adjust the bracelet to your wrist by pulling on the endings of the silk cord.




    “ The secret of having a good friend, is being a good friend “

    Give this beautiful “boho-style-bracelet” to a friend who currently needs a little bit of easiness and joy in her life.

    Or just make yourself a present.

    Carnelian is a fantastic stone to activate the “sacral chakra”.

    The end beads are made of gold plated 925 silver und its handcrafted in Sylvie Eders studio in Munich.

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    We love our stretch- vintage wood – bracelet so much because it’s so simple and supereasy to wear - just wrap it around your wrist three times and have the perfect effortless boho-style.

    This bracelet is reminiscent of Buddhist prayer beads, which also like to be worn around the wrist.

    It’s handcrafted in Sylvie Eders studio in Munich with wooden beads dyed by hand and goldplated beads of 925 brushed Silver.