These beautiful handwoven Bolga Fans are made in Bolgatanga, Ghana, a historic, small town in the northern region of Ghana, West Africa.

Also extreamly beautiful as a wall hanging.

We are so proud to be working with this amazing "Baba Tree Company".

Not just are the baskets the most beautiful once we have ever seen, they simply have the best quality.

If you want to know more about the company and how they work we are happy to sent you some information.

These baskets sure have their price, but rather than to buy them somewhere else for a cheaper price we deliberately chose "Baba Tree" as our partner. 

We beliefe in fair and conscious trade. 

We are happy that the wovers who actually make these baskets profit from us buying them and not an anonymous gigantic company.

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Width: Approx. 28cm 

Height: Approx. 48cm 

The fans are woven from straw from a type of ‘veta vera’ grass. “Pennisetum Straw” or “Pennisetum Purperium”.

The fans are woven from straw from a type of ‘veta vera’ grass. “Pennisetum Straw” or “Pennisetum Purperium”.

This is a straw that is wild harvested and dried 300 – 600 KM south of Bolgatanga in Ghana’s cooler, wetter south. 

The handles are reinforced with leather made from goat hide. The leather adds a lot of strength to the basket handles.

These dyes are very susceptible to fading in the sun! 

It is not a good idea to displayed them in a part of your home that gets a lot of direct sunlight. 


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